Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Xmas 2012 & a Happy New Year!

Just wanted to drop you all a note with some festive cheer, also so you know I have not totally dropped off the grid. I seem to go through times when I just stop posting, then Ill go mad again and put a load of stuff out, I guess it’s all down to the ebb and flow of my life. At the moment I have been evolved in the 3rd 8 Week Game Competition and I’m having a load of fun creating my game for it called Road Rumble. I have posted a few vids of progress, you can see my first few weeks here:

Week 1

This is my first weeks progress writing a game for the 8 Week Game competition. This is there 3rd competition, but my first time entering.

I thought with the time span,a 2D game would be nice and quick to do, so that's what I have gone with. I have used Farseer for the physics & collision detection, also in their samples I have taken there 2D camera too :S

Week 2

This is my second weeks development update, as you can see now have a bit of a HUD, fuel and damage, some explosions and a particle system.

Week 3 (rushed as it’s Xmas)

So, this is my third week update, it's a bit rushed as it's not really a full third weeks work, I put it up quick so I had something to show for the third week seeing as it was Xmas I really didn't think I would get anything done that holiday week.

So we have a better HUD and some more explosive stuff :D Oh, and a crappy story line I knocked up in about 5 minutes, was at the time of the Mayan Apocalypse so made sense to me at the time :P

Music sourced from here :

So, merry Xmas one and all, hope you have a great new year too, stay tuned, you never know I may just post some more stuff :D