Thursday, 19 July 2012

RandomchaosDX11Lib & SpriteBatch

So, since the last post, I have started to create a XNA like library for me to use while learning all this new gubbins. I know Shawn has already started a DXToolKit, and I have to say I have lifted a tone of code from it to get my library working, but to get it working in what I had already written was proving to be difficult due to my total lack of C++ knowledge, but as this is for my experiments, it won’t hurt none me writing my own and learning from Shawn along the way.

So, as it stands at the moment, I have wrapped all I have covered so far in the library and you can now create a derived instance of RCGame (similar to our Game class in XNA) and start adding stuff to the Components list and now draw 2D using the SpriteBatch.

Some of you will be happy I am looking at the 2D stuff, it’s still a long way off done, and I am sure won’t be as robust as Shawn's stuff, but I am learning from it, and hope you guys can, as ever benefit from what I am picking up (or not in some cases :P)

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